to you and more…

Someone say the biggest changes come from the small choices we make every day. 
Today we want to tell you why when you choose FoodNess you contribute to well-being for yourself, for the environment and even more.
Choose the Dolcegusto compatible capsules? They are made of plastic and are 100% recyclable, you can easily differentiate them and they will have new life.
The Nespresso and Lavazza a Modo Mio compatibles do not have an impact on the environment, because they are 100% compostable.
In FoodNess bars we have eliminated plastic straws: now they are made of rice, gluten free and biodegradable.
Their green color? No dyes, it is obtained only from green leafy vegetables.
For our packaging we only use paper that comes from responsibly managed forests and supply chains, in fact it is FSC certified.
So also for glasses and bowls in our bars… before they were in plastic, now in ATICELCA certified paper.
We choose cocoa from sustainable plantations, which protect the work and quality of life of workers and their families.
Just like the cocoa used for Minicao, thanks to the work of the Cocoa Horizons foundation.
Mermaid Latte is one of our most loved creations, which is why we have dedicated it to a good cause. When you buy it, at the bar or at home, support the Pink is Good project of the Veronesi Foundation.

And we have plans
to do much, much more.

Stay tuned to find out how we can contribute, together, to an increasingly sustainable future.